Timeless and conscientious, that is how we see fashion.

We are a brand of shoes and accessories with a strong ecological appeal – noble and sustainable raw material of low environmental impact.

The collections bring a timeless concept, of a conscientious and rightfully Brazilian fashion.

Our main raw material is fish leather, especially from the Tilapia and Pirarucu. A byproduct of the food industry, has found a new purpose in our pieces.

No animal has to be killed in order to produce the shoes.

The use of this type of material helps increase the income of the communities that live in the Amazon Forest and gives a new economic life to a high-quality product that would otherwise be discarded incorrectly.

The designer

Renata Negrão studied fashion at Anhembi Morumbi College in São Paulo, and enhanced her drawing skills at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, Italy. Renata has always been a shoe lover, so she decided to put her passion to use in her quest to develop an ideal fit for feet without leaving style, fashion trend and comfort behind. BLÉQUE: the name is a reference to her family name, a dream come true after years of research. “The satisfaction of the client is what BLÉQUE lives for.” When she spots someone using one of her creations, she knows that is the result of hard work and reflects the care put into details, from the development of the product to its manufacturing.

The designs are created to be perennial: seasonal collections and free from trends that can be used anyway you wish and for

as long as you wish.

Through transformative actions and inclusive attitudes,

we have developed, together with the NGO Samaritan’s Feet, a campaign to value children’s health in Brazil: a percentage of each product sold will be transformed into shoes for children who live in soil contaminated-risk areas.